Art should be being able to put down your ideas. I will show you how to make that process easy, so you can then let your work flow, with sheer enjoyment!
My students start to smile when they grasp the simple ideas – and they are then off and away. How often do you feel intimidated by that blank sheet in front of you? I’ll get you over that!

Tuition includes the session, and e-mail/phone support between sessions, and setting of projects if required.  I have a large collection of support material and resource on a wide variety of subjects and media. Have a look through my Gallery to see a selection of this variety!

I have a good collection of art books and exhibition catalogues which I can lend out.
Do you ask:

  • What colours shall I use? Answer starts with “what colour is hitting you about your subject”. Work from there – I’ll show you how
  • How do I get that colour? Answer – perhaps the wrong question – it should be: “How can I paint that with the colours I have?”
  • What shall I use? Answer – we have a problem now – there is TOO much available! I will show you how to try different things without having to buy something else which may lie in your cupboard unused.

I believe we should go back to something like the Arts and Crafts Movement with materials especially. So much can be achieved with less – there is no need to buy expensive materials. My favourite tool for drawing is a sharpened twig from the garden!
For materials, I use Ken Bromley and as they are quick and easy to deal with on the phone.
Do you need help with your child’s art work?
Do you have a child who has reached a block, become short of time for a deadline? I have mentored pre-exam students with success, by spending time listening, finding the problems and encouraging them on the road out.
Do you have a younger child who you would like to spend more time with art while you are occupied with ‘life’ stuff ? I will work within what you and your child wants – they must have freedom as well as guidance.


Adult Art Tuition

Groups or private individuals. – Prices per individual/very small group/larger group.

Children’s Art Tuition

Young children East Anglia, particularly Norfolk and Suffolk.
This section relates to children up to approximately 9.

Art Groups

I give demonstrations and talks which I accompany with anecdotes and tales guaranteed to result in enjoyable sessions encompassing areas around the original topic.


Art Teaching in 1 Day or 2 day workshops. (longer/shorter periods as requested)

Schools and Colleges

I have taught a wide range of ages. Painting/ drawing in a wide range of media and using all sorts of tools.

One to One Tuition

You can have my personal attention!  I would suggest 2 or 3 hours.  The cost is more but I think well worth it, and includes ‘between session support and advice!