Adult Art Tuition

Groups or private individuals. – Prices per individual/very small group/larger group.


My speciality is teaching groups monthly, or when required rather than weekly.

I provide demonstrations, homework/projects as well as talking to everyone individually. This keeps everyone’s spark alive. I am available for on-line or telephone support/ideas/general chats as part of the deal.

I set projects by group or by individual within the group, and review it all the next time.

The demonstrations are on a wide variety of topics, from my head and on request. See flyer for more, but I will tackle anything from drawing/colour skills, using twigs as tools, working on abstraction for better composition etc etc.

Everyone is an individual and I find out what makes you buzz, stretching or keeping in comfort zone as needed.

I use a wealth of source material:
My own work in progress/experiments/sketches is sorted by subject.

I have a good collection of art books.

I bring subjects to work from, including a photo library.

I use my camera to take images of work in stages so you can see changes.

Bring your own materials, but I can give you tasters of any of my materials you are unfamiliar with.

I can teach in your own venues, or can take small groups at my home.

I do find this method works really well. References from my groups can be provided.

Art should be fun and I guarantee that it is so in my groups!

Private adult tuition

I work with individuals, at their own pace. I consider it vital to get to know the artist’s style/wishes and help that person create from their ‘self’. Again, on-line and telephone support and advice is part of the deal, as are projects/homework.