Children’s Art Tuition

Young children East Anglia, particularly Norfolk and Suffolk. This section relates to children of any age.

I have DBS checks in place relating to various school/children’s projects

Using different media to give confidence and fun. Painting and drawing in all sorts of ways and using all sorts of tools, which always brings smiles to their faces.

Ideas are introduced carefully to ensure they learn alongside keeping the candle of fun burning bright.


Projects on any subject have super results and widen their general knowledge as well.

One example, focusing on shapes, looking at the huge difference in shapes of leaves and trees, looking at how they grow. Charcoal and paint used to develop these shapes into patterns.

They learn about nature as well as art, developing how to ‘look and see’. We have wonderful conversations about why things are as they are, why things in nature are built as they are, and loads of things generated by the children’s minds.

As they grow, more ideas can be gently introduced without interfering with their natural desire to explore and experiment.

Some of the ideas:

  • What colour does
  • Drawing skill and confidence, learning how to see, understand, and draw.
  • Use of different media including inks.
  • Abstraction – simplification and fun with their ideas with super results.
  • Talking about these skills in art history, discussing historic works of art.
  • Private lessons also taken on individual or small group basis.

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