Schools and Colleges


Support through pre-exam and folio work. I have worked with students who need support/advice/generally getting on track through mental blocks, crises or time pressures. I ensure it is their own work which comes to the fore, acting as a facilitator using various ways to guide them.

Teaching projects

Below are examples of work I have done in Schools, but I am open to any projects and can do any of the organisation/planning as required.

I am proud to be associated with Orwell Park School at Nacton, near Ipswich.

I am pleased to work with Garboldisham Primary School at least once, and often twice a week. It is wonderful to see how art extends into so many areas of the curriculum and the children have produced wonderful results, including a project to pains a large hare won £1,000 for the school and the Year 5/6 children got a huge amount out of it.



I have been Artist in Residence 3 times, which entails:

  • Working and living at the School for a week.
  • Liaising with the Head of Art to work with various age groups over the week.
  • Work ties in with the Curriculum as well as looking around subjects, introducing new skills, adventures and lively discussions!
  • Producing a body of work based on life around the school.
  • Students’ and my work is exhibited in a show.

I worked for a week at a Primary School, dedicating a day to each of the following ages:

Nursery and reception.

Fun with charcoal and colour, looking at leaf shapes.

Years 1 and 2.

At this age, they love drawing what is in their minds. So they did just that on A5 size card, and I gave different groups either warm, or cool, or a mixture of colours I presented the work to form large faces.

Years 3 and 4

They begin to see how colour works by offering ideas, but yet allowing their freedom to come through.

Years 5 and 6

Drawing with twigs and ink, adventures learning about how colour works – the results were inspirational and totally exciting!

Lower and Upper 6th

Day workshops with John Leman High School, Beccles.

To support students in their exam projects, and introduce them to a wide variety of skills and study areas. To encourage discussion on ‘what’ and ‘how’.

Colour theory is taught in a simple, fun, but meaningful way. Students can make sense of the endless sources of colour materials at their disposal today!

Making use of the endless resources and inspirations available today.

I have studied the use of pigments throughout art history, from the Middle Ages to ‘now’, and demonstrate how this can inform their work and knowledge.

Drawing – confidence with drawing skills, observation, learning how to see, understand.

Using all types of paint, inks, twigs for drawing, mixed media, pastel, charcoal etc. etc.

Encouraging individuality and nurturing flair.


In general, I aim to give students a wide ‘library’ of knowledge and skill, together with the confidence and self-belief to know their thoughts and be able to put them down.

The 21st Century is a world full of ‘stuff’. I like to help them to find their way round and use the vast range of ‘stuff’ around for them today