Art Teaching part of or 1 Day or 2 day workshops. (longer/shorter periods as requested) All Ages! Children, young adults to real Adults!

All art workshops start with a demonstration – light hearted yet showing you a lot of ideas to choose from. In this hectic world, having at least several hours to step off the world without non-arty thoughts is wonderful.

I can come to your venue, or run workshops for small numbers at my home. Why not come to me in groups of up to 6 friends?

I use a wealth of source material:

  • My own work in progress/experiments/sketches is sorted by subject into folders of large and small samples and interesting bits and bobs.
  • I have a good collection of art books covering a range from Masters to more contemporary, and various techniques.
  • I bring subjects to work from, including a photo library.
  • I use my camera to take images of work in stages so you can see changes.
  • I have on file a lot of my work taken in many stages, to see each stage in detail.

Workshops are all fun and very informative! You can come knowing you are going to have a great time – no intimidation or worries – they disappear in minutes if they are there! References from students available who have all gone home with a smile on their face! You can ask for a subject, or I do various topics.

For example: