Art Workshops – Mixed Media

Adding different media gradually to your comfort zone, or stepping right outside your world to look at different ideas, and any steps in between. I guide you, suggest, push gently or not as you need! I bring a selection of media so you can have a go before being tempted by adverts to buy something you may not use. (small contribution requested if any quantity used – honesty box!!)


Some of the media used: watercolour, acrylics, inks (assorted), water-based oils (dry quicker on the day!!), pastels, watercolour pencils, inks and pens (see ‘inks’ workshop info), wax, sand, salt, poppy seeds etc, tissue paper, other paper, string, well, anything really! BUT, rest assured you will not be ‘made’ to use stuff you don’t want to. I aim to see what you like doing, and show you how you can move away from the idea of ‘just watercolour’ for instance. Even adding one piece of something extra can excite! See my Bus Station painting. Not easy to see on the reproduction but I just added a piece of shiny paper as the old lady’s brooches on her hat and coat, and gold ink for the buttons on her beautifully polished old boots.